LSX Sand Washing Machine

A & C LSX series screw sand washing machine is designed to bigger capacity and higher cleaning level than traditional washing machines. It sets three functions—washing, dewatering, classifying—as a whole, saving the labor and working site space. Now this series sand washing machine has been widely used in various industries.

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Description: Sand washing machine is the essential equipment in mineral pressing plant. It is widely used in sand quarries, mines, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing station etc.. The safety operation of sand washing machine is very important. Today, we will know nine operation rules to help us improve the machine’s service life.

  • First: Before starting, manually rotate the rotor. Check whether the motor is functioning properly. Check whether the protective zero line is qualified. Check whether it meets the requirements of the motor insulation. Check whether the mechanical departments have an abnormal phenomenon.
  • Second: According to the field situation, the triangle belt needs to be installed the protection facilities. After that, the machine can run.
  • Third: Cannot carry out repair and cleaning work, and prohibit the boot repair.
  • Fourth: The stone shall not exceed the prescribed proportion. The material size should meet sand washing machine’s rule.
  • Fifth: Mechanical rotation should accord to a fixed direction, not the reverse rotation.
  • Sixth: In the mechanical operation, such as the sound of sensation or abnormal, should stop feeding. Stay inside the material drained, stop the motor. Stop check. Eliminate malfunction, can continue to run. In a tight situation, it can first stop the motor, and must clear the material before starting with no-load start.
  • Seventh: In the work environment, keep clean to avoid excessive sundries. In order to facilitate the night work, it should install the perfect lighting devices.
  • Eighth: In use, often check the temperature of the motor. It should immediately stop using when overheating. With hands or other things to put the brakes on the running machine is not allowed.
  • Ninth: After use, it should be off. Avoid the unnecessary waste and increasing the investment cost.

In addition, the runners should also accomplish four aspects: use, maintenance, check and eliminate the fault. The operator should be familiar with sand washing machine structure, performance, principle. Strictly implement the safety operation procedures, skilled operation, correct and specification. The safety operation is the guarantee for the long service life.

Model Screw Diameter (mm) Tank Length (mm) Screw Quantity Max Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) REV (r/min) Power (kw) Motor Model Water Consumption (t/h) Machine Size (mm)
LSX920 920 7585 1 ≤10 100 21 6-11 Y160L-6/11 10-80 8420×2180×3960
2LSX920 920 7580 2 ≤10 200 21 6-11×2 Y160L-6/11 20-160 8420×3970×3960
LSX1120 1120 9750 1 ≤10 175 17 6-18.5 Y200L1-6/18.5 20-150 10770×3950×4860
2LSX1120 1120 9750 2 ≤10 350 17 6-18.5×2 Y200L1-6/18.5 40-300 10770×5260×4860

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