Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher designed by A & C fits for producing 0-3MM coarse powder products. This machine adopts theories of traditional crushing machines and grinding mills. It makes up the shortage of common mills, and it is the best choice to produce coarse powder at big capacity.

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The Machine Frame

The machine frame is welded by the steel. It also can be made into a box structure. The frame of hammer crusher is composed of the upper rack and the lower rack. Each other is connected by bolts. The inner wall of the casing inlays the high manganese steel liner. In order to place the bearing to support rotor, it adopts the welding of high manganese steel bearing support. The lower part of the casing can be directly fixed with anchor bolts in concrete. The upper cover, left and right walls are made of carbon structural steel welded.

The Transmission Device

The working principle of hammer crusher is broken by hammer with the high-speed rotary impacts ore, so the transmission device is extremely simple. The motor directly drives the main shaft to rotate through elastic coupling. The spindle is arranged on both sides of the frame through the spherical roller bearing seat. Bearing needs to be lubricated periodically with dry oil.

The Rotor

The rotor is composed of spindle, hammer, hammer pin shaft disc, etc.. The rotor is supported on two rolling bearings. The bearing is fixed on the support body through bolts. In addition, there are two locating pin fixed on the bearing center distance. In order to make the rotor store some kinetic energy in motion, and used for reduce the motor peak load and reduce the hammer head wear, specially, in the one end of the main shaft, it is provided with the flywheel.

The Lattice Sieve

Sieve is composed of the arc-shaped sieve frame and the sieve plate. It is set in the lower end surface of the rotor. Sieve plate is made of many pieces. It makes use of the gravity and the way of mutual extrusion to be fixed on the sieve rack. The sieve plate has the cone mesh. The arc-shaped sieve frame is divided into two parts of left and right. When the hammer is worn, adjusting bolt positions can change the gap size of hammer head end and sieve plate surface, to ensure that the gap is in a certain range, so as to ensure the product size range.

Model Rotor Diameter (mm) Roter Length (mm) Hammer Quantity Max Feeding (mm) Discharging (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Motor Model REV (r/min) Machine Size (mm)
PC300×400 400 300 16 <100 <15 3-8 11   1100 855×795×862
PC400×600 600 400 20 <150 <15 8-15 18.5   1000 1155×1100×1255
PC600×800 800 600 28 <220 <20 15-30 45   900 2360×1500×1580

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