HJ Series Jaw Crusher

By analyzing customers' requirements and absorbing the world-class advanced technology, A & C developed the HJ series jaw crusher. This machine has larger capacity but the energy consumption is quite low. It is to be the ideal substitute products for old ones.

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  • Moderator: Good morning. I'm glad to see you again. The jaw crusher is crushing equipment is the most common. An important part of the switch. It is crucial to jaw crusher work play a role. Today, let's discuss the triggering effect of jaw crusher. Welcome to Shanghai A & C experts to give us a detailed introduction.
  • Experts: Hello, everyone. I'm very glad to attend the interview. I hope that this introduction will help you.
  • Moderator: we know that the handover is jaw crusher is very important. I believe, we are familiar with the jaw crusher. Though some perhaps surprising switch. So, would you please introduce it to us?
  • Experts: Of course,I am very happy. Toggle is also known as the thrust plate. It is the most simple structure of the whole machine, with the lowest cost, easy to manufacture and replacement of parts. It is usually made of gray cast iron with low intensity. The strength is enough to send a positive stress, pressure and transmission can not be generated when overloading. As an important part of the jaw crusher, the wear of slide, plays a key role. It can ensure the normal work of jaw crusher.
  • Moderator: listen to your introduction, we know that the switching effect is very large. So, what is the switch of jaw crusher role?
  • Expert: toggle three characters. The main functions are as follows: firstly, it can support activity fibrillation board, and will break the force of the posterior wall of the machine frame. Secondly, change the thrust plate with different size can be adjusted to the size of the outlet of crusher. Finally, it is a safety device of the equipment. Feeding, when the drop is too hard for crushing material usually can not automatically block or pieces of metal and other debris, thrust plate fracture, in order to protect the other parts can not be damaged. Therefore, sometimes, it is also called the thrust plate safety board.
  • Moderator: OK. This is a wonderful introduction. Thank you for an interview. Looking forward to your coming next time.
  • Experts: don't mention it. Hope to have the opportunity.


Feed Opening (mm)

Max Feeding (mm)

Discharge Opening (mm)


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